Improving site visitor privacy

3/16/2019 in code
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I don't necessarily mind shouting into the void with this write-only/comment-less site, but I would like to have some idea if anyone is coming to visit at all.

I've signed us (me and you, the reader) up for for site analytics. They collect very little and don't track individual visitors with cookies, making it GDPR-compliant without any opt-ins (as far as I can tell). I also enjoy the notion of supporting an independent single-developer business.

I publish my site analytics so you too can marvel at my lack of visitors and senseless void-shouting the (truly) joyful reality of SA's minimalist data collection policy.

Decluttering other tracking

While I was at it, improving visitor privacy and all, I figured I should also remove all direct references to Google Fonts and Adobe TypeKit since they're liable to engage in assorted visitor tracking and analytics that I didn't want to opt my visitors into non-consensually.

Google Fonts were embedded into static resources with near-zero effort using gatsby-plugin-prefetch-google-fonts; Adobe TypeKit was replaced by SVG-ifying the site logo (which is all it was used for anyhow).

Lastly, I used's custom subdomain feature to CNAME from to their CDN for the analytics script. This is the only content not directly served from the server but it now at least comes from the TLD.

Show me what you got

See commit 2a126f0.

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